Service of maintenance, repair and testing of equipment after repairing and reinstalling.


A team of experts and operators, maintenance and repair of professional equipment with many years of experience working on onshore & offshore oil and gas industrial projects, are periodically trained with full BOSIET certificates, understand and apply API, IEC, BS standards… have been operating diesel machines, generating electricity, maintaining and repairing, upgrading and installing electromechanical equipment, onshore and offshore automation. The form of implementation according to the work package, with the most competitive unit price and safe completion of the assigned work schedule and volume.

Establish a safe and suitable working environment. At the same time, the staff is equipped with advanced tools and equipment suitable for all types of maintenance and repair work.


Quality ISO 9001

Quality ISO 14001

Quality OHSAS 18001

ESOG would like to send our commitment:
– Alway ensure the service provided to customers to achieve the highest satisfaction.
– Reduce risks and harm to the evironment in all production and business activites of the Company
– Environment is friendly with customers and safe for employees.
– Comply with applicable laws of Vietnam, relevant customers and internationl customers.

In order to meet the entire service package of maintenance, inspection, repair, upgrade and conversion of equipment systems and technology lines, our company has signed principle contracts with additional service providers , supplies, equipment and optimal solutions for getting things done.

Test/Test Conformity ISO 9001:2008.
Test and install electrical protection initially and periodically… Issuing Villas-215 certificate after testing, installing protection
Repair of electrical equipment for fire prevention
Repair and maintenance of diesel machines and machine tools.
Other electromechanical operation support services…
Specializing in providing products as well as solutions and training for the field of automation
GE PLC: GE Rx3i, Rx7i Series 90-70, 90-30, Versamax . .v .v Repair, upgrade and modify equipment and systems. Providing integrated solutions for industrial automation, remote control and monitoring of equipment, income, alarm and data storage…
GE Software : iFix, Proficy Historian, MES , Batch Execution, Proficy Machine, Simplicity.
CCTV integrated system.
Support the design service of new distribution high voltage power station yard in terms of legal procedures.
Specializing in supporting and providing high-voltage grid connection services to new projects, or upgrading existing ones.
Upgrading, repairing and building new power stations, ensuring the completion, acceptance of works, and putting them into use on schedule.

List of inspection and testing tools

Device name Amount Manufacturer/Year Type/Ability Current location
Relay testing unit Sverker 750 01 2010 750 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Digital insulation tester Megger BM21 02 2011 BM21 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Digital multimeter Fluke 87V 03 2011 87V Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
High AC votage tester 02 2011 AC KV30-40 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Relay Testing sys. Prejia 01 2011 Prejia-300 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Earth ground tester 01 2011 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Digtal resistence ohmeter DLRO600 01 2011 DLRO600 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
ODEN AT-3S 01 2011 AT-3S Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Digital Transformer Rationmeter 01 2011 DTR-8500 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Temperature probe & humidity 02 2011 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Pressure Calibrator with indicator 01 2011 IPI10K Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
HART 01 2011 475 Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa
Personal Laptop 01 2011 Perfessional Nghi sơn – Thanh hóa


New installation of Topsite 94%
New installation of wharf 88%
Maintenance and repair of onshore works 97%
Maintenance and repair of offshore works 97%


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