Service of testing, inspecting and run testing equipment (pre-commissioning).


With a team of skilled engineers and professionals with many years of experience, who have served many years on offshore projects, knowledgeable and proficient in the operation and maintenance of mechanical, electrical and automation equipment… equipped with state-of-the-art instruments (imported from EU G7 countries), suitable for the testing of current and high-precision common control, protection, distribution and measurement equipment.


Quality ISO 9001

Quality ISO 14001

Quality OHSAS 18001

ESOG would like to send our commitment:
– Alway ensure the service provided to customers to achieve the highest satisfaction.
– Reduce risks and harm to the evironment in all production and business activites of the Company
– Environment is friendly with customers and safe for employees.
– Comply with applicable laws of Vietnam, relevant customers and internationl customers.

Our company has completed the following projects:

Along with the joint venture associated with departments with electrical testing functions, control and measurement equipment, … After testing, installing system equipment will issue test reports Villas of international standards.

  • Testing and installing protective digital relay on Topsite BIEN DONG I. Combining pre-commissioning of MV equipment part (Medium voltage 6.6kV including: Bus-bar main distribution cabinets, the cabinet directly controls the fire pump submersible motors, condensate pumps, booster pumps, gas compression pumps, and VSD controller, medium voltage motor speed control via inverters , ….).
  • Testing, hot loop checking and calibration, simulate settings (Calibration) of field devices including: Pressure transmitters, Level transmitters, Temperature transmitters, Flow transmitters, Density transmitters … for BIEN DONG I project.
  • Testing, installing relay protections, simulate, testing statistics, issuing Test reports and energizing RMU stations for power supply project from underground cables to MSP rigs for Russia-Vietnam Joint Venture.
  • Organizing the installation, commissioning (Pre-commissioning) of equipment for technology and medium voltage distribution system (MV) for the Topsite BIEN DONG I project.
  • Conducting commissioning (Pre-commissioning) of equipment for water treatment technology for the BIEN DONG I project.


Inspection Service 94%
Accreditation service 88%
Running device tests 97%


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