Design consultancy, construction supervision and transfer of industrial electricity projects.


Having legal status and with a team of engineers with certificates of practice in supervision consultancy and experience (from 15 – 20 years) of installation, commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and repair of mechanical systems- electricity, automation on industrial, onshore and offshore projects. (Drilling rigs, oil and gas exploitation technology rigs, Vessels up to 15000DWT, FSO/FPSO, LPG depot, Gas distribution station, Turbine power plant, RMU transformer station and yard with voltage level ≤35kV, and factories and workshops with automatic production lines for technology, food and commodity industries, etc.)


Quality ISO 9001

Quality ISO 14001

Quality OHSAS 18001

ESOG would like to send our commitment:
– Alway ensure the service provided to customers to achieve the highest satisfaction.
– Reduce risks and harm to the evironment in all production and business activites of the Company
– Environment is friendly with customers and safe for employees.
– Comply with applicable laws of Vietnam, relevant customers and internationl customers.

Our team of technicians has:

  • Designing, supplementing and monitoring the production process of 8 special distribution transformers according to API and IEC standards specifically for the petroleum industry with a capacity of 1600-2500kVA; 6.6kV for Bio Ethanol Dung Quat plant.
  • Designed according to technical requirements of a 3000kVA, 22 / 6.6kV, 50Hz transformer station to supply power for pre-commisssioning Topsite BIENDONG I project at PTSC downstream port.
  • Designed, renovated according to technical requirements of lightning protection systems and grounding for LPG storage in Go Dau Long Thanh – Dong Nai.
  • Supervision of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, electrical automation and set up, testing protection relay for 11 transformer stations and distribution cabinets (Ring Main Unit) of the project supplying electricity from underground cables supplying electricity to rigs MSP Russia -Vietnam Joint Venture “Vietsovpetro”, 2013-2014.

With a team of skilled engineers and experts with years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the application of technical standards for designing TCVN, IEC, BS, ANSI … always meet the needs of maintaining consistent design stability when maintaining, repairing and renovating industrial electrical systems, workshops, automated production lines, substations and yards of MBA stations, combination of generators, distribution and transmission systems.


Design consultancy 94%
Construction supervision 88%
Transfer of industrial electrical works 97%


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